Cornerstone Bookkeeping & Payroll Service

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A Little Info...

Cornerstone Bookkeeping & Payroll Service provides personalized bookkeeping and payroll services to a broad range of small businesses across the local Dallas-Ft. Worth area and remotely to companies across the U.S. We have over 20 years serving industries such as construction, manufacturing, distribution, service, legal, medical, and real estate.  Your profitably and accounting organization is our goal!


The Daily Work

Your time is valuable!  We’ll take care of managing your daily bookkeeping so you don’t have to!  We are experts in Quickbooks, ADP, and Sage softwares, and have the latest technologies in-office to virtually serve you if not a local business.

No-Stress Payroll Service

Whether you have 12 employees or 120, we can set your company up with ADP, the leading 3rd party payroll service.  No more worrying about 940's, 941's, and SUTA reports.  We do it all!

Weekly or Monthly Reporting

Since our services are personalized to YOUR company's needs, we can arrange for you to receive weekly or monthly reporting to aid your decision-making.